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Manfrotto 290 Carbon Fiber Monopod

Best Travel Monopod

manfrotto 290 monopod best journey tripod

The Manfrotto 290 is a extremely good monopod for visiting.

To be sincere, this one kinda looks like dishonest due to the fact this isn’t a tripod at all; it’s basically a monopod – a tool that best uses one leg rather than 3. Don’t think that it’s inferior though; inside the proper hands, the Manfrotto 290 Carbon Fiber Monopod can compete with any tripod. Trekkers can % it away without problems or even use it as a hiking pole, making it one of the first-rate tools for wilderness photographers.

A few tripods already cited on this guide have had the ability to transform into monopods – permit’s examine now why monopods are just as convenient as their 3-legged compatriots.

With 3 legs, tripods offer close to entire stabilization throughout two planes – a monopod handiest Best Travel Tripod covers one. For many photographers, that unmarried plane of stabilization is all this is required for purchasing correct photos. For people who are more energetic shooters, like hikers, sports photographers, and wedding ceremony photographer, a monopod is best.


The lightest tripod/monopod in this guide

Very, very robust

Very packable


Not as plenty stabilization as a conventional tripod

May or may not save your cover

Long exposures could be very tough

The Manfrotto 290 is an first-rate monopod. Built from high-cease carbon fiber, it would take plenty to break this thing. Its four sections are locked via flipping latches that are similarly as dependable.

So robust is the Manfrotto 290 Carbon Fiber Tripod that a few photographers may also even use it as a hiking pole – there’s even a loop to your wrist.

Note that at the same time as the frame is cozy, there’s usually a hazard that it can destroy must you’re taking an unpleasant fall. It is, on the cease of the day, supposed to regular your digicam and not store your existence. Whether or now not you pick out to apply it as a strolling stick or hide it for your bag, the Manfrotto 290 Monopod will combine seamlessly into your backpacking and camera package.



Manfrotto 290 Specs

Load Capacity: 11 lb

Maximum Height: 59.Four″

Minimum Height: 19.Three″

Folded Length: N/A

Weight:1.1 lb

Leg Sections: 4 – Flip Lock


Is the Manfrotto 290 Carbon Fiber Monopod For You?

Do you hate the idea of lugging round a tripod? Think you’ve got the regular hand to manage with simply one leg? Then give the Manfrotto 290 Carbon Fiber Monopod a shot. It’s a very nicely-made piece of system that monopod lovers will approve of and it’s a outstanding deal.