Adding the Redesigned ServerMania Client Experience

2020 is currently ramping up for a hectic season for ServerMania, also we Are eager to present a customer experience. We’ve recently updated our Dedicated Servers pricing site, order form, and customer management control panel Surge and we want to introduce a few of the Major performance to you so Which You Can make the most of your hosting experience with ServerMania


Redesigned Pricing Page


Key Characteristics:


Advanced filtering to find the host


Inventory status and installation times


Sorting based server place


We have re-engineered our pricing webpage that was servers so You can locate the host for your job. Involving all our data centres, you may filter On peak of the page. Utilizing the filters that are innovative, you can form by cost, chip type, RAM, plus more.


This page shows the inventory of our whole you always know when your waiter is going to be deployed Server fleet colocation hosting pricing.

colocation hosting pricing


Improved functionality and speed


Streamlined checkout Procedure


We in ServerMania We spent designing it to make it as easy and successful as you can and took our order form.


Our arrangement form Provides you the tools to personalize each Single accessible serve


r add-on and part.


We eliminated any measures Checkout procedure is easy and fast as possible. Select your server parts, review the setup, total payment, and log into your accounts. Prior to your kettle of coffee is done brewing You’re going to be done our checkout procedure that was brand new.


Upgraded Surge Control Panel


What’s Surge?



Surge is the one-stop for handling your Hybrid all, We have redesigned the user interface such as navigation, look and feel, and icons.


Key Features


Submit account service and direction requests



Servers and get IPMI the Server OS or get into the host console


Produce sub-accounts for technicians and support staff


View and pay bills


View bandwidth charts


Establish rDNS documents


View and include IP addresses


Email and view occasion logs



Our Surge control panel features a look that is compact any server job can be quickly accomplished by you and feel.


What do you believe?


We want to hear your ideas about our pricing webpage that is new, Order shape, and control panel. Is there anything specifically you love about doing it? What can we do to enhance the experience?


SecureData 365 Website



It is impressive what we could do with a credit card and Now an online connection. It nirvana for the antisocial or bashful — or just the individual like myself that is currently looking for ease and speed.


Last week I moved to talk at the Fall Forum on


I bought my plane ticket and reserved my hotel online… utilized My program to have a trip use my telephone to go into my area! I sailed throughout the excursion with zero direct interaction. This really is and I am not sure I enjoyed it but although I felt as a millennial.


All was going good until I understood I had forgotten my Razor, so I spoke to some human being who gave me a razor to get my stay and moved into front desk. In my way back into my own room, than that I could get in my mobile phone, I stopped to acquire advice. It ends up that talking with individuals has worth in 2017.


Thinking of our planet of IT/technology, do we appreciate interaction? How easy is it that you talk (or email) along with your information center/colocation centre? Is your data centre a facility offering services? Yes, convenient. What happens when that restaurant that is normal isn’t what you need and you’re currently searching for something particular? Many information centers — big and small alike — are impossible get client support unique to your requirements to speak to if you want them.


Each and every customer in either (or both) of all SecureData The data facilities of 365 have 24/7/365 access to some individual. That’s right… a live Because you will, Individual for when you require help. What is more Services cannot be boiled down into some pick-list of alternatives. When you come Into SecureData for colocation services (any service actually ), we develop with the Very best solution for your company needs! So it’s Wonderful to be a millennial Occasionally and rely on an online connection, a charge card, without a individual Discussion… however SecureData 365 admits these will be your crucial company Systems — does not your company deserve the very best service available?