Commercial Radon Mitigation Services & Radon Testing Near Me

If you want to install a radon mitigation system at your place, then the most suitable way to do that is to conduct the test for radon. The test will clarify how much quantity of this colorless and odorless gas is present and what kind of system will be efficient at the place.

Radon testing near me, just contact us. We will send our team in no time. Get your Commercial Radon Mitigation Services Booked Today

Commercial Radon Mitigation Services Near Me

Radon testing is done with the help of devices. Once you contact us and tell us your problem, we will offer your testing process and will send our experts to confirm how much quantity of gas is present.

We not just only offer the radon testing, we also offer the mitigation system installation. We have the best crew in the area. We have been serving the community for years and we have thousands of satisfied clients.

After testing if there is a need to install the radon mitigation system, we are here. Firstly, there is an inspection that includes the testing process. Once the testing is complete, the next step is the installation process.

In the installation process, there is drilling to access the bottom of the place. The next step is the piping assembly. Our team has the best and creative individuals to do work according to space requirements. Then the fan installation and the last step is the installation of the outer duct.

The best way to reduce the radon gas from a place is the radon mitigation system. The outdoor level averages 0.4 pCi/L and the average home has a concentration of 1.25 pCi/L. While anything under 2.0 pCi/L is preferable, reducing your level from 4.0 pCi/L or higher to below 2.0 pCi/L is extremely difficult.

The installation process can be completed within a week and we assure you to serve you with the best technology. After the complete installation of the radon mitigation system, it is necessary to go for a test and you can hire us. These tests will clarify the working of the system that either the installed system is enough for the place or any kind of modification is necessary.

Testing Kits

The DIY kit is either alpha track or charcoal. Charcoal absorbs the radon from the air for a specified amount of time and after the specific tie, this kit is observed in the lab for results. Alpha track kit uses a plastic film that is stamped by the alpha particles that strike it. In the lab, the tracks are counted and the radon level is obtained.

In the case of the electret test, ion generated from radon decay strikes the disc, the electrical charge is reduced, and that reduction is measured in the lab.

The best way to detect the presence of radon gas is through the testing process. This testing helps to understand that either there is any need to install a mitigation system or not. Radon testing near me enables you to contact us and we guarantee that you will get the best and cheap results as compared to any other facility.