Zeichner confirms that the method is suitable for the Beauty Blender

The quickest and most efficient way to clean your makeup sponge is to microwave it in a little soapy water. The trick is even validated by a dermatologist!
Makeup experts keep repeating it: like many everyday household items, makeup tools quickly become nests of microbes that trap dust and dirt. It is recommended to clean your brushes once a week with lukewarm water, follow the complete guide to avoid mistakes. If the task requires patience, it is greatly facilitated when it comes to the sponge, more commonly called ” Beauty Blender», If we are to believe a recent trick that has gone viral on social networks. The best way to clean it would be funky makeup bags

to put it in the microwave! Be careful however, you must follow a strict procedure to prevent the object from melting like snow in the sun in the household appliance – some Twitter users too eager to experience have expressed their dissatisfaction after having found their dripping sponge . In a container suitable for the microwave oven, water and soap are mixed before immersing the sponge in it.

Leave the preparation to heat for 1 minute and take care to take it out without burning yourself. After allowing everything to cool, the miracle happened: the soapy water seems to have absorbed all the residue and the sponge,
A valid tip for household sponges
All that remains is to run the tool through with water and allow it to air dry before using it again. The technique is not revolutionary since it is one of the famous tricks of grandmother and was already valid for household sponges (which constitute the largest reservoirs of active bacteria in the house, it is better to change it regularly ). American dermatologist Joshua funky makeup bags:

“Putting your sponge in soapy water in the microwave is a more condensed version of washing machine cleaning, which also uses soap and water to disinfect materials. […] The energy of the microwave oven is capable of eradicating the micro-organisms which can develop in the sponge. The only drawback I can think of is that the sponge can degrade faster than it would have done if it hadn’t been through that .

” We have not yet had the opportunity to try the trick, but when we cross the before / after images on Twitter, no doubt, the experience is scheduled for very soon! And you, did you know this technique?