Banned from makeup in high school, it raises a wave of support

SOCIETY – His testimony goes around social networks. On Twitter, this Wednesday, February 20, many speak of a certain Alexis, a young high school student in the first L-ES in an establishment in the city of Albi. In question, the summons to the CPE he received after being seen in his high school in Tarn with makeup .
The facts took place Monday, February 18. While he was in the canteen for lunch, a schoolgirl from the school group was shocked by the beauty of the young boy and the heels at his feet. Surprised, she spoke about it to her mother who, shortly after, made an appointment with the persons in charge of the establishment to lecture him
Neither one nor two, Alexis finds himself in the counselor’s office. Even if some people mention it on Twitter, there was never any question of a referral. No, she asked him not to wear makeup anymore. “She told me that I had to respect normal codes and dress in an appropriate outfit,” said the high school student, contacted by The HuffPost funky makeup bags.
Alexis is flabbergasted. He questions the childcare center and asks him why he is forbidden to come to school in this way. His question remained unanswered. She explains that her dress should not be shocking. “But that does not have to shock. This interview should not even have taken place”, confides the young man, in anger.
The wave of supportfunky makeup bags
It is not the only one to be reassembled. Around him, the other high school students express their dissatisfaction with the opinion of their establishment. In support, many of them came to high school the next day with eyeliner by the corner of their eyes and red on their lips, as suggested by the following tweet and the few photos below, published on Alexis’ Instagram account .

The fact remains that since this story, in addition to encouragement, Alexis has received many hate messages against him. Rewound, he wants mentalities to evolve. “We are in a changing society, where the codes are reversed, explains the latter at the microphone of France Bleu . And you have to assume. Men have the right to make up. It is an accessory. art. I don’t see where the problem is. ”
Like him, the rest of his comrades do not intend to stop there. In their high school, which usually enjoys a good reputation and a framework advocating open-mindedness, they decided to renew their make-up operation, this Thursday, February 21.