How to sell houses? + The best pages to sell free and paid houses

Although the times of the crisis are behind, there are still many customers who want to sell their home. Our role as real estate agents is to put all possible effort into the task, because why fool ourselves! Selling houses fast is not only to achieve our mission, it is also to help customers go through this process in the lightest way possible.

How to sell houses online?

It is common to hear that those who belong to the digital sector are fortunate to be able to do everything quickly.

The instant of email communication makes us think that things are simpler when it comes to the internet.

The reality is that things are not so easy. Selling online can reduce costs considerably with respect to a local and classic actions such as television spots or radio spots.

But having a real estate like skymarketing that generates sales is not that simple. Not even a large volume of web traffic can guarantee you many clients, because getting the ideal client right and getting conversions (goals set in the digital real estate marketing strategy) is an achievement that depends on many issues.

Does this mean that without a real estate website with a large volume of traffic it is not possible to sell houses online?

Do not! Although it is always advisable to have a website as a base of operations that attracts traffic and potential customers.

Where to sell houses online?

Internet has facilitated the connection between buyers and sellers, which has taken a good bite to the work of real estate professionals.

However, there are still many vendors who do not wish to spend several months of their lives receiving calls, fixing the house every time there is a scheduled visit and having to ask for the day off when more than two are concentrated in one afternoon.

That’s where real estate professionals are still valuable and necessary.

Real estate portals, the company’s real estate website, social media advertising for real estate, Google advertising and email real estate marketing are some of the tools that real estate agents can use in this task.

The best pages to sell houses

Having said that, let’s go on to enumerate which are the websites on which a real estate agent should focus his efforts when announcing the properties that he wishes to commercialize.

It is number one, there is no doubt about that. However, there are many who disagree with the claim that advertising in Idealista and selling the properties is one thing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this portal to sell properties?


As we have commented previously, how to sell houses on the internet has good things, such as the possibility of accessing a mass audience quickly.

If the website where we publish the ad also has features that our own website does not have, such as map search or video support, the choice is clear.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of internet searches begin on Google, where capital smart city is perfectly positioned and appears relatively easily in the first search results.

Getting those first positions with our own website always costs more, both because it takes a lot of traffic and a good keyword strategy.


There are many who claim that the real estate portal rewards those realtors who pay for having their ads in Idealista. It has its logic, although some individuals feel badly treated by the portal.

It is clear that if you want to benefit from the millions of monthly visits generated by the portal, you must pay a price.

But beware! because not everything is to pay and receive nothing in return other than a good position in the results of Idealista.

The portal has several types of plans, attendance at real estate training courses, professional photography services and the advice of an expert in real estate ads.

Photo house

The second of the best known real estate portals in our country has positioned itself as the web of images.

It makes sense, because there are many who feel disappointed when they visit a property. What seemed wonderful in the ad, turns out to be a total fiasco.

With the idea that the selection of properties is much simpler and above all safe, Fotocasa was born.

“It is as if he had already been there” has been his mantra from the beginning, because they wanted to reward the time savings for those who are looking for a house to have many images of the property.


If you are a professional, the real estate portal offers many solutions for professionals, such as the possibility of accessing two other important portals

Of course, you have an expert advice of professionals who will guide you in the process of registering and publishing the properties.


Do you know how many real estate agents advertise their properties in Fotocasa? More than 11,000. There are many!

You must count on that, because although you will access a very wide audience there is also a huge competition.

Other real estate portals

In addition to these two giants, we do not want to explain how to sell houses through other smaller portals. . It is another of the portals that most sound among real estate professionals. It has advice for professionals. . Smaller than the two main portals, this website has several real estate solutions for professionals. In addition, it has a unique section for new properties. . Finally, this small but powerful portal deserves to be mentioned for several reasons. Its pleasant design makes navigation easy for users.

Pages to sell houses online for free

In the article of the   best real estate portals that we have developed, you will find the best pages to sell houses online for free, where you can publish the properties of your clients for free.

Can you tell us your tricks on how to sell houses fast online? What is your reference portal? See you in the comments!